July 25: a bunch of rabbits, new museum and the most important Canadian monument-battlefield

(take two.)
Open letter in the light of Vimy Ridge Centennial:
In the light of so many Known unto God, I don't feel that my name is important. I am a Lithuanian, however, I travelled here to Vimy from China - Vimy is just too important to miss. I was asked why I feel the need to go here on this day, especially since there is nothing that ties me to it and the travelling in many ways is quite costly. I could not find any rational reason: my family is not connected to any wars or Canada in any way. The only connection I have with this place is the one I established in the summer of 2015 when I decided to walk across the Western Front in an attempt to better understand war in general and also this war in particular as it is the crucial point that shaped our world as it is now. I arrived at Vimy in the evening. The sunlight was falling right at the gravestones; the sunrays stressed the devastated land, full of shell-holes and all I could see was again bloody mud and body parts scattered …